FAM Salesman
FAM Salesman is a practical, easy to use tablet based system for sale agents to use at trade shows and whilst on the road visiting customers. Having information on stock availability and previous orders provides your sales agents with an invaluable tool whilst mobile.
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FAM Salesman. Boost your sales and increase efficiency by providing your sales reps with a simple to use yet highly functional selling tool.
The traditional method of writing orders on an order pad and sending them to head office for processing is a very inefficient and error prone process. With famSalesman the order is entered directly onto the tablet. There is even the option of entering via barcodes which makes the process even easier.

The order information is then transferred back to Head Office, meaning no re-keying is required. This means the order process is error free, quick and simple; your customer gets the correct quantity, colour, size and style and you have an efficient and user friendly ordering process. In recognition that sales agents don’t always have internet connections available, fam Salesman allows you to work off-line and then synchronise with head office when you have an available internet connection.

“We needed a system that could manage a multi channel, multi brand business selling to customers across Europe and also operating concessions in some stores. FAM ticked all the boxes, and from the first demonstration we could see that the system was well thought out and easy to use. After a further demonstration where we were shown the powerful reporting and flexibility of FAM along with the seamless integration with Sage accounts we knew that FAM would provide the systems we need to keep growing the business but without the need for extra staff.”
David Ross, Drooth Ltd